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About Us

Neston Folk Dance Club, affiliated to the EFDSS, was founded in 1952 so we have had over 70 successful years so far!

We have a team of in house callers who take it in turn to provide dance instruction and call the moves as we dance.

Neston Folk Dance Club : Calling a Dance
Neston Folk Dance Club : Callers Notes
Neston Folk Dance Club : Musician

On Club-nights the dances we do can be classified as “English Country Dances”. They include square, barn and ceilidh type dances as well as traditional folk dances. Normally our resident band provides the live music for these evenings

We dance a mixture of styles from modern, contra and that of John Playford, a 17th century publisher of books such as music theory and instruction books for musical instruments. He is best known for his publication of The English Dancing Master in 1651.

More information on John Playford can be found here: John Playford Wikipedia or a link to the Dancing Master book itself can be found on the Society for Creative Anachronism Arts and Sciences pages here : English Dancing Master

Neston Folk Dance Club : Promenade Hold
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